28 November 2016

King St. blues

Quarters on King, King St., Charleston, SC  

I have a blue issue. I wear it, eat off it, sit on it. If I am not dressed in blue you know I've exercised very deliberate self control. I can't find a thing in my closet because it is all either blue or black. Naturally this pretty new shade of blue on King St. caught my eye. Hello there! That renovation woke up the corner in a very fine way.
It is the Quarters on King newish boutique hotel. Browse their rooms. Lovely. I expect it costs an arm and a leg but it certainly is attractive and convenient.


William Kendall said...

Great shade of blue!

Catalyst said...

My, my. Those quarters are like apartments, rather than hotel rooms. Certainly wouldn't get the blues staying there.

Marcheline said...

I am not an "every blue" fan... but I do love that particular shade... the slate blue.

Suzie Townsend said...

I could certainly handle staying in one of those "rooms" while I visited Charleston. I will tell all my rich friends about it!