30 November 2016

Health Care Heroes

Molly Merryman, Charleston, SC  
One of my favorite events in Charleston is the annual Health Care Heroes recognition event at the Francis Marion Hotel sponsored by the Charleston Regional Business Journal where professionals, nurses, volunteers, engineers and physicians are honored for their extraordinary acts of service and heroism. A couple of years ago they added the Pet Therapy category and this evening Molly our star took the award home.

Molly and her Pet Therapist/owner Jim Merryman go on volunteer rounds at three different hospitals in Charleston. A few years ago the CEO at Mount Pleasant Hospital at that time, came looking for her and led Molly into the Intensive Care Unit - not on the usual route for a therapy dog. Completely out of character for Molly she jumped up on the patient's bed and started licking her face. The patient who had been unresponsive woke up laughing. Well done Molly!

Edit: sorry for all the grammatical errors, kids. I was typing sleepy.


Marcheline said...

Animals are people too. Nothing will ever convince me otherwise.

William Kendall said...

Molly's a sweetie.

Catalyst said...

She's a nice dog but don't ever let her lick my face.