01 November 2016

Floral fountain

Queen St. fountain, Charleston, SC 
We can't complain about losing our blossoms to the season just yet. This beautiful floral fountain is in the yard at Husk Restaurant on Queen St.

Until I clicked on the website to add the link I hadn't realized there will soon be four Husk locations - Charleston, Nashville and soon to come in Savannah and Greenville, Well done Chef Sean Brock.

The Husk building on Queen St. used to be used for art classes for the Gibbes museum of art. I once took a calligraphy class in the same room I have since licked tasty sauce off my fingers and eaten crispy pigs ears in.  

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Catalyst said...

Oh, yum! I've become a fan of a chef to the north of you, in Kinston, North Carolina. Vivian Howard has created quite a niche for herself with eastern Carolina cooking as has Chef Brock in Charleston.