06 November 2016

Charleston Fountains - Allan Park

Charleston Fountains, Allan Park, Charleston, SC  
I parked on Huger St. to meet my friend English for brunch at Harold's Cabin and then walked off the feast by roaming the area. We can continue the recent series of fountain images with this lovely one in tiny Allan Park. This isn't a bad feature to have in your neighborhood and I discovered that Allan Park has it's own facebook page full of information about park activities.
In contrast to nearby Hampton Park, the city’s largest park on the peninsula, Allan Park is one of the smallest. The parcel of land was donated to the City of Charleston by Mrs. Amey Allan, the widow of James Allan and the developer of most of the eastern half of Hampton Park Terrace. City Council had accepted the gift on March 23, 1920, but it was not recorded until August 16, 1921, and includes a term calling for its reversion to the family if ever not used for a park. The first reference to the park appeared in the 1922 City Year Book in a report from the Parks Commission. That year the following report was made:The ground out of which this park was formed was given to the City by Mrs. Jas. Allen (sic), for whom it is named, the physical outline of the Park was proposed by the Supervisor, the actual work was done under contract by the Simons & Mayrant Co., at a cost of $780.00. The Light was donated by the Rubin Electrical Co., which has added much to the beauty of this little Park, which is very much appreciated by the residents in the immediate neighborhood, and makes a very nice spot where children play.\


William Kendall said...

What a pretty area!

Charlestonjoan said...

It is. What an asset a neighborhood.

Catalyst said...

I. Love. Fountains.