21 May 2016


Daylily, Charleston, SC  
A couple of years ago I took a day trip and landed in fields of blooming day lilies at Brown's Ferry Nursery daylily annual open house. The prices made me gulp - some of them are very expensive - up to $125 for a plant, but they were so beautiful. Luckily they had a bargain section and I went home with a few that are blooming now.

One of my favorite things is the names of flowers - Bonfire Heart, Blonde on the Inside, Boo Nanny, Border Dispute, Bullfrogs & Butterflies - and that is just from the "B" section. I think I want to be a Lily Namer when I grow up.

The farm is above Georgetown on Brown's Ferry Road and the annual open house is coming up on June 4 & 5th. They even served a light lunch the day I was there.