02 June 2013

Browns Ferry Gardens - Day Lily Heaven

Browns Ferry Gardens, S.C.
I've been to day lily heaven. Once a year Heidi and Charles Douglas open the day lily gardens at Brown's Ferry to guests and put their lilies on sale. I thought it might be a little crazy driving up from Charleston but I am so glad I did. Heidi and her granddaughter met me and told me to feel free to roam and take as many pictures as I liked. Wow....what glorious color. From sale lilies at $8 to well over $100 they were hard to resist.
Bio from Facebook: "What happens when an Ohio girl marries a South Carolina boy and they go off to make baby daylilies together? You get some really exciting new daylilies! Heidi and Charles Douglas are producing some outstanding plants that are selected for their northern hardiness. And the flowers are to die for. Come meet these great daylily people and see what they've been been up to. You'll be glad you did."
I was ready for the long drive back home when I was invited in for lunch. Lunch? "That's the way it's been done for nineteen years", I was told.  Mark your calendar for next year!