12 April 2016

On the road - Aiken, SC

Aiken, SC  
I enjoyed a day trip to Aiken, SC this weekend. It is the perfect distance for a bright and sunny Saturday drive - especially when I am the lazy passenger.

We parked (free parking - thanks Aiken!), had a tasty lunch at Betsy's on the Corner, wandered through a few antique stores (tried to buy some some soup bowls but they were part of a set so free shopping - thanks Aiken!), and walked through beautiful Hopeland Gardens (free - thanks Aiken!).


  1. Even if Aiken only had the free parking, it's still got my town beat! Lovely photos - thanks for sharing!

  2. We always planned to go. We talked about it often. Now we are gone. Thanks for the pictures, Joan! A little virtual visit is better than none!

  3. It looks like an appealing town!

  4. I was thinking the same thing, it looks like an interesting place.

  5. It is a very interesting place. We have a saying that goes "If you are lucky enough to live in Aiken, you are lucky enough"


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