11 April 2016

Bull St. gate

Bull St. gate, Charleston, SC   
I was determined to reduce my cable bill this year since it has been gradually increasing to a point that doesn't make sense for one person living alone. TV shouldn't be one of my highest monthly expenses. I called to cancel tv cable and was talked into stepping back to basic cable to reduce the bill. Now I have no idea what will be working when I turn my tv on. Sheeesh. I can't record anything or view any of my previously recorded shows but most cable channels still seem to show up for awhile. Then I get no signal. Then I do. I reckon I am in the punishment stage. Thanks Wow!

Today's feature is one of my favorite gates on Bull St. I squirm around trying to make the statue the centerpiece of the image.

Bedtime! Off you go. Turn the lights out. No more stories, no more water. Get to sleep kids. 


Stefan Jansson said...

You still have cable? I get everything via the internet these days, better shows and inexpensive.Nice gate.

Cotton Boll Conspiracy said...

Cable companies really try my patience as a proponent of capitalism and free markets. You have my sympathies.

William Kendall said...

Neat looking gate!

I don't watch that much television- what I do watch I can catch by computer.

Joan said...

Netflix, Acorn, and occasional Hulu. My only regret about getting rid of cable is that I didn't do it sooner!

chuckography said...

They still have one hand in my pocket. I "cut the cord" several years ago but, for now, WOW and/or Comcast (Infinity?) let me pay $25-$33 a month for my needed internet connection. C'mon technology, cut this last link to monopoly cable companies.Sheesh.