06 March 2016

Magnolia Plantation walking

Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, SC  
Everyone seemed to be out enjoying the sunshine today and the parking lot at Magnolia Plantation was packed full. I intended to walk the bike trail but there is a lot going on and some of the paths are barricaded and swamps drained. A three year project improvement is in progress to improve the wildlife habitat along the Ashley River. I was able to get around the blocked paths and enjoyed a good hike.
The impoundment will be drained and the nature boat channel will be dredged deeper. Three more water control devices will be installed to allow for improved water exchange between an adjacent 20-acre impoundment and the Ashley River.
The spoil from the dredging will be used to create additional islands in the larger impoundment, Strange said. These islands will create new opportunities for birds to build nests and roost in the coming years.
The work will not chase away the alligators. "The gators will stick around, and they will be fine," Strange added. "Magnolia has enough swamp, and they will go out in the river. They come, and they go."

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William Kendall said...

Hopefully the end result is well worth it.