07 March 2016

Doors of Charleston - Bull St.

12 Bull St., Charleston, SC 
This appears to be a door upon a door that is being used as a message chalkboard for the College of Charleston's Department of Art and Architectural History Albert Simons, Jr. Center for Historic Preservation. This building at 12 Bull St. is called the Cameron House after builder Hugh P. Cameron built it in 1851. Here is a slideshow of the property showing the interior.

12 Bull St c.1851
Built in 1851 by Hugh P. Cameron, a crockery merchant, this house has an unusual plan, with two parlors in front, a small room and stairhall at the rear and the entrance in a pavillion on the east side. The interior was remodeled in the 1890s in the Colonial Revival style. The initials of one owner, David Bentschner, a clothing merchant, appear in the cast iron gate.


Donna Gill Colestock said...

The treasures and mysteries of Charleston are endless! Thank you, Joan, for what you do. No matter how challenging my day or week, when I get online, you bring me joy and peace. Bless you.

William Kendall said...

When that door was in use for itself, it must have been an exceedingly narrow entrance. Interesting to see it mounted on another.

Catalyst said...

I wonder what a stairhall is. Curious, how different parts of the country have different words or phrases of the same language. Like, you probably would puzzle over a patio roof of vigas.

Marcheline said...