27 February 2016

Through the years and off the shelf

Ruff & Co. Hardware, Ridgeway, SC   
We have a few country hardware stores in South Carolina that sell all the regular things - parts, tools, bits and pieces but they have been in operation for so many years that they still have all the vintage items from years gone by on the dusty shelves and they serve as functioning museums. This particular one is Ruff & Co. Hardware in Ridgeway, SC which opened in 1840. I thought they were selling firewood but I discovered a gigantic wood burning stove in the center of the building with a couple of chairs to pull up cozy.

One of the gentlemen laughed when I was leaving and said he should charge me for taking pictures. I told he should put a tip jar out - I'd be happy to contribute! It was well worth it. See below the images for a video clip with more info on this character spot.


William Kendall said...

A little bit of everything, it seems!

Pixel Peeper said...

I love those kind of hardware stores!