26 February 2016

These boots were made for flying

Boots made for flying, Charleston, SC   
One of my volunteer gentlemen came to my meeting wearing these boots he had had handmade for him in India seventy years ago. Wow. What a piece of history. He had been flying planes into China as part of the China, Burma, India theater as a Flying Tiger pilot. The boots might not fit me but I told him not to take off his leather jacket or he might lose it. Thanks Mr. Cobert!


  1. Quite an experience as a veteran!

  2. They ARE great boots and a great story also.

  3. Imagine the stories he could tell!

  4. I wonder if your friend knew my friend, Rosaline Grashaw, who flew as an air hostess with the Flying Tigers for ages... I did a post about her recently, after finding out she had passed away.


  5. It sounds like some really great feet are filling these boots!


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