14 February 2016

Charleston Museum - behind the scenes

Charleston Museum - hidden treasures, Charleston, SC  
I should be out for my morning walk but wanted to share these pictures before I bundle up and brave the chilly morning. I belong to a Charleston History facebook group and yesterday joined a "behind the scenes" tour of the Charleston Museum. What a treat! First of all it was a joy to put faces to names I've followed online, then it was a chance to get in behind all the closed "staff only" doors that forever tease me. Although housed in different locations through the years the museum was founded in 1773 so you can imagine the incredible assortment of items they have displayed and stored.

Every time a cabinet door was flung open to display shelves full of silver, china and fabrics there was a collective gasp of delight. Members of the group had historical family connections with many of the items and had bits of spicy personal history to add. I'll never look at the Charleston museum in the same way again. Thanks to everyone who helped organize the tour.


William Kendall said...

I would enjoy a tour like that! The Confederate uniforms stand out.

Charlestonjoan said...

And we thought we spotted a bullet hole!

Luxury Apartments Lady said...

Fascinating, looks like there are some great artefacts in this museum!

Marcheline said...

How absolutely FAB! I could spend a day in a place like that... and it's odd that your first photo is of a bird skeleton. I was just looking up bird skulls on ebay yesterday. I have it in my head that I'm going to create one of those bell jar / cloche things, with a large antique bell jar, an interesting branch, some moss, and a bird skull in there someplace. I was somewhat discomfited upon finding someone selling several bird skulls together, all of which had small holes in them. I prefer the skull I use to be found from a bird that died naturally, not a bird that had been shot for the purpose!