03 January 2016

Talented friends - Mary Edna Fraser

Silks & Oils, Mary Edna Fraser, Charleston, SC  
Silks & Oils. Even the name of the show at Jericho, Inc. in Avondale is beautiful. I've always loved Mary Edna Fraser's batiks on silk that are based on images taken of our coastline other parts of the world from airplanes but now she is painting as well. I thought I had missed the exhibition but Mary Edna opened her gallery this afternoon for a few of us admiring stragglers and I got word!

My little pocket camera does not do her work justice so be sure to explore the website gallery.

I didn't buy an actual painting yet but we all treated ourselves to handfuls of these colorful magnets.
The two I got are based on batiks of Botany Bay. Gorgeous!


William Kendall said...

I like her style.

Catalyst said...

Nice colors.