12 December 2015

Meet the Muslims in your neigborhood

Central Mosque of Charleston, Charleston, SC  
The Central Mosque of Charleston hosted an open house this afternoon offering people a chance to learn about their faith and "Meet your Muslim Neighbor" and they were happily surprised by the number of people who responded. The mosque was filled with people learning and sharing and standing room only. We took off our shoes and were offered scarves to wear. After the introduction and presentation they had an incredible buffet of food and a question and answer period. It made me proud to see so many people I know. 


Should Fish More said...

Sounds excellent, like to hear more about it. The more the people here realize we are all alike, and not the opposed people that candidates like Trump would like us to think, the better off we will be.

William Kendall said...

A very good idea of them. Engage the community and defuse the ridiculousness that Trump and his supporters are claiming.