13 December 2015

Camellia season

Camellia, Charleston, SC  
I found the camellia while working in the yard this morning and looking around for a vase, decided that it fit perfectly in a tea cup. The tea cup happens to be my mother's china pattern - Royal Albert Apple Blossom. After she passed away my sister Shirley made sure each of the Perry sisters had a china cup and saucer in the pattern and this is mine.

I hope everyone has had a good weekend. I went to a Christmas choir concert last night at the East Cooper Baptist Church and it was exactly what I needed to put me in the holiday mood. It was wonderful. 


  1. Tonight I need both: a holiday concert and a beautiful flower in a delicate teacup.

    1. It was just the right thing to jump start the holiday season. Hope all is well with you.

  2. "..a beautiful flower in a delicate teacup."

    Beautifully stated and beautifully photographed, Joan.

  3. Another beautiful photograph.


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