07 November 2015

Lost & Found

Lost & Found, Charleston, SC  
Every hospital worker knows we have an endless issue with Lost & Found items. People move from department to department, awake, asleep, dressing, undressing, can't remember what they brought in with them, leave valuable items on the lunch trays. Daddy lost his dentures, mama lost her earrings, books, socks, phones.....on and on. Sometimes it feels hopeless and it takes a lot of nursing and staff time trying to track items down. It is an issue we are all aware of and struggle to improve, so this sign at the Cathedral of St. Luke & St. Paul on Coming St. made me smile. Who but church members would put a religious spin on it?! Love it.

Why was I in an Episcopal Cathedral on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, you may ask? I was there to witness a dear chaplain at our hospital Samuel Kennedy be ordained as a priest. It was quite a ceremony. I wasn't sure of the camera snapping protocol and controlled myself until he turned around to be introduced in his new role and I whipped my canon out and quickly grabbed a few shots. Congratulations Father Sam!

In other news, I sprained my leg a few weeks ago falling off a collapsible garden stool. I was working on my car carpets after the flood and as the stool folded under me, my leg twisted awkwardly under the car. I've been limping around and spending my evenings with a large ice pack I've become oddly attached to. Almost better now and ready to think of going out for a walk on this foggy morning. Happy weekend kids!


Anonymous said...

Feel better Joan! Hope you felt optimistic enough about weather to wait a little before your walk. Looks as though there's a lot more gray in store for us#

William Kendall said...

Ouch! Terrific shots.

Charlestonjoan said...

What an oddly warm day! Bright sun and white clouds now but I think we are in for a change. I did hobble back.

Charlestonjoan said...

I would have loved to have been up in the balcony capturing the ceremony but hadn't thought to ask beforehand.

Virginia said...

My daughter could use a basket like this!