08 November 2015

Boiling Peanuts

Boiled P-Nuts
It's a rainy day in the lowcountry and I have a pot of green peanuts simmering on the stove. I've never made boiled peanuts before but the recipes all seem to include hours of simmering green peanuts and a LOT of salt. The only reason I bought them in the first place was because I saw signs leading to a driveway and thought it might be a chance to see St. Julien Plantation. I was on the right track!

Through beautiful brick gate posts the driveway led to a sign saying "Boiled P-Nuts. Honk Horn Here". It felt odd but it was a lovely farm setting and I could see the plantation house through the trees.

A truck drove up and the gentleman said he was closing for the day but would bring me a "peck" of peanuts for $12. Now I have to figure it out! Since he was closing up shop for the day it didn't seem right to try to snoop around. I may be purchasing another peck of peanuts next time I am in the area.