13 October 2015

New digs on King St.

Hyatt House & Hyatt Place, King St., Charleston, SC  
New digs on King St. The folks at the shiny new Hyatt House & Hyatt Place Hotels on upper King St. were kind enough to include me in their invitation to the ribbon cutting and opening of the hotel. I couldn't make it since it was in the middle of a work day but it motivated me to wander down and snoop around on my own.

The sign and presence on King st. are very low key so keep your eye out. The two hotels are right next to each other sharing a courtyard and garage. I should have explored further because it looks like they have an event space and ballroom.

There were a lot of Charleston photo prints on the walls but difficult to tell who the photographer was - and you know I looked. I finally found a signature on one of the larger canvases. It looks like "Stewart".


William Kendall said...

The place- or places- do look beautiful inside. Well furnished.

Catalyst said...