15 October 2015

An Inn with a view

Charleston over the Ashley River, SC  
I love the view of Charleston from the Riverview Holiday Inn and today was especially crisp and bright even through the restaurant's windows. I had an after work get together with hospital volunteer managers from across the state and we had a grand old time comparing notes.  Although it isn't right on the peninsula I learned that they offer quick running shuttles back and forth.

Okay kids. Y'all behave. I'll be in meetings all day tomorrow but it will be Friday!


  1. I love this view and have the same picture (again-so funny) but no where near as good as yours. I am back home in Arizona and missing my daughter and Charleston. I think Charleston will always own my heart.

  2. My favorite bridge in the distance! Great view! Your meeting sounds very interesting and worthwhile.

  3. I could swear I stayed here (I remember the view) when I was a flight attendant... great shot!


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