01 September 2015

Duncan St. summer wear!

Duncan & Coming St., Charleston, SC   
I am talking about the house, not the girls. Here is the winter version of the same property. I believe the architect who owns the property is successfully saving the bee population. The house was covered in pink blossoms and swarming with busy bees. 

It is getting dark earlier and I don't like it. The shorter daylight is already nipping into my evening walking hours. Grrr. 


  1. Pretty shots, Joan! I'm noticing the much earlier sunsets now.

  2. We have a mysterious guy who walks out neighborhood at night with a flashlight mounted to his forehead. One of our neighbors told us he's hunting snakes. Neither she nor we like that.

  3. How long ago was the winter picture taken? But then I remember before we moved to Charleston someone said to me - This is Charleston, thing just grow here. And grow they do! Yes, days are getting shorter in Wyoming too but at least this morning person does not have to go to bed with the sky still bright now!

    1. The owner cuts it back each year and it grows fresh every summer. I think he actually ties string to guide the growth.

  4. I love coral vine, and think sometimes I might like to try it further north than where it is happy. Then I see a photo like this, and prefer to admire it from afar, as it chokes someone else's house.


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