01 June 2015

New sidewalks on Cannon St.

Cannon St., Charleston, SC 
Cannon St. is a mess at the moment. The sidewalks are all torn up and blocked causing a traffic mess. It's part of the new two way traffic plan for Cannon and Spring St. and includes new curbs, street lights and landscaping. I have to say I've enjoyed the character of that part of town on my frequent walks but this will definitely be an improvement. No one knows how the two way traffic pattern will work out but the landscaping is long overdue.

Fortunately I documented most of the sidewalk graffiti before it was destroyed.


  1. I assume that's a church across the street. Quite visually appealing.

    1. William it is a church. There used to be a large tree in front which kinda hid it. With that gone and the new sidewalks it will be clearly visible.


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