22 May 2015

Owling good time!

These aren't sharp photos but I was so tickled to get them I can't care about the quality. My birdfeeder has been a popular spot lately and the bear's head has become a landing pad before they dart in for dinner. I thought I'd hang out in the back yard for awhile and see if I could capture a cardinal on the bear's head.

I'll need to get a bit closer and before dusk but not only did I catch the little splash of red but look what landed right after him - an owl! This was fun. I need to set up a tripod and get a little closer.


  1. What fun pictures! And a bear! In your yard? Be careful!

    1. Isn't he great! I love my bear.

  2. The owl in particular is splendid! I guess the birds are getting used to the sculpture now.

  3. It isn't a sharp photo if it is enlarged any bigger. Hopefully he will be a regular guest and I'll get another try.

  4. He looks like Pigwidgeon - Ron Weasley's owl in the Harry Potter books!


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