27 March 2015

Rainy days in Charleston

Vanderhorst St., Charleston, S.C. 
It is a rainy day in the lowcountry and we are being invaded by thousands of visitors for the Cooper River Bridge run in the morning. Traffic has been a nightmare in almost every direction and I was happy to come straight home this evening and gobble up leftovers. I usually go to town early in the morning to take pictures of the wheelchair racers speeding down King St. but I just don't know if I am going to make it this year. It's been a busy week. Good luck to all the runners and walkers!

Here is a bit of fun. Five favorite South Carolina foods taste tested by Californians. The boiled peanuts don't go over so well but the shrimp and grits dish is a big hit! 


Unknown said...

Funny video! I must be odd man out. I didn't like the shrimp and grits I had out in McClellanville...but I love boiled peanuts. Californians..what do they know?

William Kendall said...

A peaceful looking yard.