28 March 2015

Magnolia Garden Bike Trail

Bike path, Magnolia Plantation Gardens, Charleston, S.C. 
I usually bring back a few pictures from my morning walks but this time I folded up my new bike, tossed it in the back of my car and took a spin on the bike trail at Magnolia Plantation. It was a lucky choice since the blossoms are starting to show and the cars were flowing into the park.

I had the bike trail all to myself expect for the very annoying trolley cars full of tourists with the guide giving his talk over a loud microphone. It really is a glorious place and not a part of the garden that I normally see.


  1. The light, the colors, gorgeous spring! And the alligator's been watching you. ;-)

    Some tourist guides here also use loudspeakers. They behave not only as if they own the place, but no one else's trying to enjoy their visit.

  2. The gator's quite a standout.

  3. I'd steer clear of that gator if I was you.

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