10 March 2015

Mirror Lake

Charles Towne Landing, Charleston, S.C.
 Where it all began.
Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site sits on a marshy point, located off of the Ashley River, where a group of English settlers landed in 1670 and established what would become the birthplace of the Carolina colony. Charles Towne Landing introduces visitors to the earliest colonial history of Charleston.
For my photographer friends, there is a State Park photography contest in progress. As far as I can tell by the web site, we are in the period to submit spring themed photos. Summer photo submission will end in June. Prizes are being awarded and there are lots of great photos in their facebook gallery.


William Kendall said...

So pretty and serene!

Catalyst said...

Why do they call it Mirror Lake? :)

Anonymous said...

The Landing is one of Charleston's best kept secrets