11 March 2015

Baptized in Sweet Tea

Author Ken Burger, Charleston, S.C. 
Most of my volunteers aren't very interested in attending meetings. I respect that. I do everything I can not to waste their time. Every once and awhile I throw a Lunch & Learn to update the group on new medical procedures they should be aware of. This time, for a change we got together just for fun. Author, blogger, and sports reporter Ken Burger agreed to spend some time with us as a special favor. What a hit he was! He read parts of his most recent book "Baptized in Sweet Tea" and won our hearts. Thanks Ken! 
Burger’s new book ‘Baptized in Sweet Tea” is a collection of columns he wrote for the Charleston Post & Courier over the past few years. As the title hints, the common thread running through the collection is Burger’s southern-ness… and, more specifically, his identity as a born-and-bred South Carolinian. Having recently retired from a long newspaper career, Burger is now in his early 60s. While he may have been baptized in sweet tea, his essays are steeped in a bittersweet nostalgia for a way of life that’s passing into memory… and a reverence for those timeless qualities that abide.


William Kendall said...

He looks like quite a character.

Pixel Peeper said...

My oldest son lives in Greenville and says in order to pronounce "sweet tea" correctly, you need to say, "swite tay."