21 January 2015

Set a spell

Charleston, S.C.
This garden scene made me think of the expression "come set a spell" and then I wondered where it came from.

I smiled at this query on Yahoo:

What does "come sit a spell" mean?

i saw this phrase "come sit a spell" on a wooden sign on some lady's porch, and i have no idea what it means? no, shes not a witch..any ideas?
Heheh. Here is a better answer:
set a spell
To sit down for a period of time, especially in the company of other people and in order to relax or to engage in casual conversation.  [quotations ▼]


  1. It certainly looks like a pleasant place to sit a spell!

  2. That palm tree looks like it should be in Arizona.

    1. Yep, it doesn't look like a lowcountry palm.

  3. Any place in the shade in the summer is a good place to sit a spell! You always manage to spice up your blog, Joan!


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