22 January 2015

Historic graffiti

Drayton Hall, Charleston, S.C.
Uhoh. Timmy is going to get in trouble!

It appears to be the name "Timmy" scribbled in black on the inside of the door at the historic Drayton Hall. The guide mentions repeatedly how the house has been preserved rather than renovated and the graffiti remains on display.

It is my least favorite way to take a tour, guide led, standing on a square of carpet in the middle of the room with the rest of the group with no freedom to explore but the building is fragile and protected carefully. We were instructed NOT to try to stay at the end of the tour group to try to frame the shot we wanted. Oooops. Still, it is an incredible building and the story is interesting. 

I believe the free admission offer for folks who have "liked" Drayton Hall on Facebook continues through to the end of January so you can still take advantage of it. I appreciated the offer!

Now, who was Timmy?


William Kendall said...

I like that crest above the fireplace.

chuckography said...
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chuckography said...

Years ago a kid in our Kansas City, Kansas neighborhood scrawled his undying love for a local miss. Unfortunately, he added both last names and his dad had to pay to have the graffiti removed. Young love.

Catalyst said...

Sure hope it wasn't Timmy McVeigh.