05 November 2014

Harleyville Wildlife Center

Harleyville's carved bear, Harleyville, S.C.
I can't resist checking on the local wildlife anytime I drive through Harleyville, S.C. The bear and eagle are holding up. There used to be a giant eagle on the other side of the road but I think he had his beak clipped last time I was there and this time I didn't see him at all. There must have been a local chainsaw artist who left his mark.

As you can imagine, Harleyville had some trouble with people stealing their signs and finally decided to try to make a profit on it. They sell the signs for $20 a piece. I am not sure if this information is still current but it sure is fun and they would be a good gift idea for a Harley rider. 


William Kendall said...

Beautiful craftmanship!

Catalyst said...

I had a chain-sawed bear awhile back too. Or is that chain-sawn. Or maybe there's no hyphen at all. But then I don't know if it would be one word or two. Oh. Oh. Oh. Confusion.