03 November 2014

College Corner

The College Corner, King & George St., Charleston, S.C.
I noticed that King & George St. corner was looking spruced up. The College of Charleston has opened a store front called The College Corner. It looks like they renovated the Sottile Theater sign as well. Things are looking sharp.

I finally got to meet fellow photo blogger Vanessa K. this evening at Med Eatery & Bar. We have been circling and enjoying each others blogs for years so it was wonderful to finally meet her in person. I know you will enjoy her photography at Photography by Vanessa K.

Get out and vote tomorrow, kids! I printed out my sample ballot and found a couple of categories I have a hard time checking anyone off in but will do my best. Besides the important positions please do vote yes on the raffle amendment that will allow my volunteers to raffle off a gift basket or quilt to raise money for a charity. Did you know that was illegal in South Carolina?


William Kendall said...

Quite a neat looking corner!

Jack said...

Yup. It is looking sharp.