17 September 2014

Pink House - large scale version

Charleston, S.C.
It isn't raining at this very moment in time so let's celebrate with another bright sunny photo of one of the fine mansions on the battery. I imagine this one is in many tourist albums.I recently featured the little pink house on Chalmers St. so we will call this the larger version of beautiful pink homes.

The Post & Courier has been inviting readers to submit photos featuring a different topic each week. This week's album is on Spanish moss. Can't go wrong there. You have to answer an annoying question to view the gallery but there are some pretty lowcountry scenes: Post & Courier Reader Gallery. My friend Larry's is #9 and in my happily biased opinion one of the best shots.

I missed restaurant week in Charleston but luckily West Ashley continues on through this week. I walked down and joined a friend at Al Di La. On the other hand, scratch that link. Their web site is too annoying to bother with.

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William Kendall said...

It's very pretty!