19 September 2014

Lone Star BBQ & Mercantile

Lonestar BBQ & Mercantile, Santee, S.C.
It is still cloudy and raining in Charleston but I haven't yet featured these shots from my day trip to Santee last weekend. After wandering through Elloree, S.C. we headed to Santee to treat ourselves to some BBQ at Lone Star. The Lone Star BBQ & Mercantile is a series of old buildings moved to the property and joined together to host a restaurant and store. I wasn't too impressed a few years ago when I ate there but was encouraged to give it another try. It certainly is an interesting spot with old buildings salvaged and gathered on the property. There was a family reunion going on while I was there but we got through the buffet line before they said grace so we were cool. The setting is almost like a museum with shelves full of vintage items.Behind the buildings is the tiny little cottage in the last picture.

Apparently, the entire property is for sale so if any of you are inclined to run a restaurant in rural South Carolina near a state park this is your chance!


Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

I had read about this place & definitely want to visit…I guess I better hurry up if it is for sale…no telling what might happen.

William Kendall said...

It does look quite eclectic. I'd be inclined to wander here awhile and have a bite to eat.