29 August 2014

Window boxes on State St.

State St., Charleston, S.C.
Let's hear it for three day weekends! Hurrah!

I found a reddit.com question asking "What is the most beautiful piece of music?" and have been reading the suggestions, clicking on the recording and enjoying music I have never heard before. What a treat! I want to listen to them all and download a bunch. That could keep me occupied for awhile since there are over 7,000 comments.

I admit to being a reddit lurker. The only time I participated was when a young pregnant gal described what sounded like a seizure and was wondering what everyone on the internet thought she should do about it. I checked back every five minutes until she reported back to let me know that she was in the Emergency Room. Whew.

Have a good weekend, kids!


  1. Charleston has the best window boxes, hands down.

  2. Charleston is the only place where I have seen window boxes outside of Europe!

    And thanks for the link to the "beautiful piece of music" on reddit.com. I'm always looking for new music to like, but you are correct - this could get very time consuming!


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