21 July 2014

Guerrilla Cuisining

Chef Jonathan Kaldas, Charleston, S.C.
I didn't waste too much time laying down my fork to pick up my camera at the recent Guerrilla Cuisine dinner hosted by jimihatt last week. The underground dinner club events are usually held on Sunday nights. You buy your ticket based on the chef or description of the event and the day before you get an email with directions to the dinner.

This event was held upstairs at Burwell's Stone Fire Grill on Market St. Our chefs for the evening were Chef Jonathan Kaldas, Chef Jordan Moore and Mark Heyward-Washington. The taste adventures included beef heart and beef tendon and fried sweetbreads and yes, I did eat it all. Check here for upcoming events. I guarantee each one will be an adventure.


William Kendall said...

I have heard of that sort of thing done here. Looks like people had fun!

Charlestonjoan said...

William, I think they have filmed a few of them for a Canadian tv food show. At the one before this one they grilled a whole alligator wrapped in bacon. Not too sure about that!

Catalyst said...

What fun!

Marcheline said...

I'll have one of each, please!