10 May 2014

Red & White

King St., Charleston, S.C.
The red leaves were so brilliant against the white I had to get a shot. This was a week ago so the crepe Myrtles in front aren't in bloom yet and the contrast was quite dramatic.

I did a little gardening myself this morning with an early visit to Lowes garden center. I am so paranoid about poison ivy on my property that container gardening has had more appeal. I am scared of my own yard after a couple of bad outbreaks last year. Grrrrr. It wasn't pretty.

I saw an interesting movie this weekend, Finding Vivian Maier - the documentary about the street photographer who worked as a nanny in Chicago and left 1,000s of negatives, prints and undeveloped film.  It is a fascinating story and her photographs are quite amazing. Here is an interesting essay in the New Yorker about her. I think this movie will be of interest to my fellow photo bloggers. It is playing at Citadel Mall as well as the Terrace Theater.