13 May 2014

Before & After - Garden Style

Legare St., Charleston, S.C.
I could never resist taking a picture over the fence of this wild garden on Legare St. but the last time I walked by I stood scratching my head in bewilderment. It's all gone. Wiped out. Wow.

I am guessing the house is for sale and needed to be characterless for potential purchasers. Thanks for the smiles through the years. Hope things are well with the mystery gardener.


  1. It was a combat infantry sign hanging so I'm guessing it was his escape world....

  2. Wishing that soldier well, wherever he/she is! I'd love to get hold of a few of those garden ornaments... we've been looking for a special one and all we can find here on Long Island are the stupid typical ones that you see everywhere (dog with flower basket, half naked girl with toga, etc. etc.).


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