14 May 2014

Beautiful gardens

Legare St., Charleston, S.C.
This is another beautiful garden in Legare St. Look at the roses around the doorway of the little building. Gorgeous. I need a gardner!

This has been an odd week. I am in a gluttony of tv watching after finally getting my hands on the True Detective series. I go for a quick walk around the neighborhood, grab dinner, dim the lights and settle in. I've been very busy at work but basically getting nothing else done around here at all. Oh well. It can't last much longer! There is so little I care about watching it is a treat.


William Kendall said...

Lovely indeed, Joan.

Jack said...

I like this garden and the little building, but I sure would not like taking care of it.

True Detectives? I watched it, but got increasingly disinterested as the series moved along.

Joan said...

As usual, thank you for the lovely photography. I like True Detective although it isn't quite what I was expecting. If you haven't seen "London Hospital" give it a try (Amazon Prime, I think).

Marcheline said...

Egads, that's lovely. I have a series I'm watching all on my own, in spare moments: Midsomer Murders - it's an ultra-tame British series, but there are 13 seasons so I have a lot to look forward to! 8-)