21 April 2014

Shades of Pink

Palmer House, Charleston, S.C.
Wow....it was an overcast day yesterday but I almost needed my sunglasses. The traditionally pink Palmer House is getting a fresh coat of paint and it is even pinker.

The bright new shade makes the previous tint almost look beige. Check out the "before" look on their Palmer House Bed & Breakfast website. Heck, go ahead and book a room while you are there. Perhaps they paint it bright knowing that the sun and ocean air will fade it shortly.

Here is another shade of pink Charleston favorite.  Both of these houses overlook the harbor with dramatic views.


  1. They sure don't build houses in this style in my area. The Palmer House is looking good.

  2. These are certainly places that stand out very well!

  3. Did they have to get any kind of Historical District permission to repaint it that color? If so, it means THAT is historically accurate? Yikes!


  4. They are very bold to paint it such a bright pink color. Some locals are probably not happy with the change. But, I like it.

  5. The house has tradtionally been pink so that isn't new. It is the bright shade that is shocking. The property is for sale, by the way, if you have a cool 8 million. I'd still have to paint it blue :)

  6. So the old College of Charleston building that held all our classrooms way back when is considered pink?


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