22 April 2014

Acts of Kindness

Patriots Point, Charleston, S.C.
I just got back from the Roper St. Francis Healthcare Employee Recognition event and for the first time it was held on the aircraft carrier the Yorktown. The Yorktown is one of the top tourist highlights in the lowcountry and it was fun to arrive at sunset, pick up a glass of wine and explore the flight deck before the presentations. I turned around to see Admiral Flately seated behind me. Pretty cool.

I am fortunate to sit on our Random Acts of Kindness committee. I get to review all the stories of amazing things that people do each day that someone happened to notice. We pick outstanding stories to recognize quarterly and annually we surprise a recipient with a gift basket and a check from the volunteer department. Usually the stories are life saving events but in this case the winner showed exteme kindness - to a patient's dog.

We had a patient arrive unexpectedly in the Emergency Room. He had driven himself and clearly needed to be rushed to ICU. As they were transporting him, his primary concern was that his dog was in his car in the parking lot and he was alone in the area. An ER staff member by the name of Jillian, got his keys, rescued the dog, took him home, fed, bathed and took care of him and then met the gentleman at the door when he was ready for discharge. For some reason the story touched us all. Congrats Jillian! You make us all proud!


Donna Gill Colestock said...

Well deserved! Bless you, Jillian!

William Kendall said...

Very good of Jillian!

Beautiful top shot.

Charlestonjoan said...

It was a lovely story and fun to honor her!

Marcheline said...
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Marcheline said...

Great story! I wonder if I'm the only one whose eyebrows went up after reading the title "Random Acts of Kindness" and then saw a photo of a cannon. HA!!!

Charlestonjoan said...

Hehe....true. should have reversed the order of the photos. I was pooped form photo processing.