02 March 2014

New mural - GDC Home

GDC Home, Charleston, S.C.
GDC Home has a recent and colorful mural on the side of their West Ashley building and I finally pulled over to get a photo to share. Isn't this great? I believe it is another piece by talented David Boatwright. You can see the process here.

I am ready to settle in for a lazy end to my weekend watching the Oscars. I see Bill Murray is in attendance and I don't recall being invited to go with him. He does live in Charleston after all and it would have been so easy. Drat.


  1. That is beautiful mural work, Joan!

  2. A huge mural, beautiful design and execution.

  3. Lovely mural painting! Certainly eye catching. Charleston is a great place to visit and appreciate history and arts.

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