01 March 2014

How much is that doggie in the window?

Guard dog, ReTAIL Shop, Savannah Highway, Charleston, S.C.
Why do we always want the one thing that isn't for sale? This oversize dog was the talk of the shop as he guards the door of the ReTAIL shop on Savannah Highway. The second hand store benefits Pet Helpers and the Charleston Animal Society so it is fitting that a dog gets all the attention.

It's been a drizzly day here in Charleston but I hope you've managed to pull off a good weekend. I have a friend in the hospital so checking back and forth to keep tabs on him. Many thanks to the dedicated healthcare folks who tend to all our loved ones over the weekend.


  1. I can see why that would really draw attention!

  2. I saw this on FB, but it didn't read dog, maybe the legs, but the head looked more camel or brontosaurus.


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