16 February 2014

Roxbury Park, Meggett, S.C.

Roxbury Park, Meggett, S.C.
The little town of Meggett, S.C. boasts a new park. The park is called Roxbury Park and I found it this afternoon. It was so bright and sunny it would have been a crime to lay on the couch and watch the second season of House of Card all day as tempting as that was.

According to the web site the property came up for sale recently and was slated to be developed for up to sixty homes. Yikes. The rural town felt this was an inappropriate use and purchased the property to be kept as a park. Lucky us! I enjoyed a walk through the park and met up with manager Ken Carmen who steered me to a few of his favorite spots. He happened to be showing around a couple who were scouting for Landscape Photography Magazine. You never know who you are going to bump into in the woods.

My blogging buddy at US Coastal  Hwy17 did a nice write up and interview:  Introducing Roxbury Park.


William Kendall said...

It looks wonderfully peaceful.

Jack said...

It would have been a shame to turn this place of natural beauty into a housing development.

Catalyst said...

Wonderful reflection shot.