26 January 2014

The never ending winter

Sullivan's Island, S.C.
Here is a beach scene from Sullivan's Island to sooth your soul. They have been talking dirty on the news mentioning things like "winter storm watch" and "snow and sleet" for the lowcountry. Wash your mouth out with soap! I have lots planned for this week and don't have time for the city to shut down. Get ready to batten down the hatches, kids!

Just back from Lone Survivor at the theater based on a true story of a military mission involving Navy Seals in Afghanistan. I left the theater amazed at what they went through and kept fighting. What an incredible team.


  1. If this is your photograph you are to be congratulated. Absolutely lovely!

  2. Beautiful picture!

    I feel for all the people up north, dealing with those extremely cold temperatures. But I wonder if it's worse for Southern states, like South Carolina. They don't have the equipment (or experience) to deal with something like this. The only time we ever had frozen (and burst!) pipes was in South Carolina. So stay warm, keep the water faucets dripping, and stock up on food! I mean cookies and chocolate and red wine - not that milk and bread stuff.

    1. We simply aren't used to it and it builds a frenzy of anticipation. You are right, we aren't set up to handle cold and icy streets. Sadly I've already dipped into the cookies for courage. Heheh.

  3. Wishing I could just throw myself into this photo this morning as I look out and see ice and a bit of snow of my car.......Beautiful shot!


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