16 June 2013

Zoom, zoom, zoom!

I spotted the colorful vintage cars at the Coastal Carolina Corvette Club Car Show at the Ashley River Baptist Church parking lot on Savannah Highway yesterday when I was heading to Harris Teeter. In honor of fellow blogger Lowandslow I had to back track and walk through. Luckily they had more on display than Corvettes. I love the real oldies.

I hope everyone has had a good weekend. I've been so busy lately it was delicious simply to be off. I had a $150 gift certificate to Hyams Garden Center that my son had given me for Mother's Day burning a hole in my pocket and I was there first thing this morning. I bought two large blue glazed ($$) containers for plants. I haven't done much to my yard yet so this is a step in that direction.  


Pixel Peeper said...

Love old cars! They just have so much more character than new cars. Glad you went back and got some pictures.

So what are you planting in the blue containers?

Les said...

Love the photo of the boy, and the little dog watering the car tire.

lowandslow said...

Oh, I love these! And like Les I noticed the dog relieving himself on the tire of the '54 (?) Ford. Was that real or a prop? The kid looks to be "stuffed". Either way I like it. ;)



Merisi said...

The boy is a great capture, as are the cars, and the naughty dog, lending a hand. ;-)

Charlestonjoan said...

The little boy and doggie are props. Someone was having a good time!