17 June 2013

Hampton Park

Sunflowers in Hampton Park, Charleston, S.C.
I often feel like I go out hunting with my camera and feel good if I get a little exercise and bag at least one good picture. It gets me out and about noticing things around me. This weekend I parked at Hampton Park and walked the neighborhood and park for an hour. The flower beds were in their glory and I am stealing ideas left and right for what might work in my neglected yard.

I wasn't the only one enjoying the warm morning and it is clearly a comfortable spot for homeless and street people. There were blankets claiming spots under the wide tree branches and I was startled a couple of times by movement in the shadows. I marched on briskly through certain parts of the park. 


Pixel Peeper said...

Uhm...I'd be walking pretty fast, too, for fear the guy might try to balance me on his feet like that!

Charlestonjoan said...

Heheh...I caught their eye and asked if it was okay to include them in the picture. I think it is the new yoga. Yoga with a partner.

Kate said...

A very interesting introductory metaphor!