29 June 2013

The party that won't end

Coburg Cow, Hwy 17, Charleston, S.C.
Party ain't over until the Coburg Cow moos and Bessie hasn't taken off her tattered and stained Spoleto festival tutu yet. Party on, kids!



  1. Replies
    1. Poor cow. Her tutu is looking awfully ratty looking.

  2. Does she jitterbug, too? Is there where milk shakes come from? ;)


    1. They do decorate accordingly - there is always a little calf in pink or blue when a baby is born in the family. She wears a bonnet at Easter and a costume at Halloween. Truth is the dairy has been sold so we don't even have a Coburg Dairy anymore but part of the agreement of the sale was that we got to keep the landmark.


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