21 April 2013

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance - French Huguenot Church

French Huguenot Church, Charleston, S.C.
Hello - something is different here. The beautiful French Huguenot Church used to be a brilliant white and now it is pink. Apparently it was damaged enough during the restoration of the Dock St. Theater across the street that is went through an entire renovation and while they were at it they went back to match the original shade of pink. I was not consulted.

Restoration in Progress: The current restoration project began due to damage caused to the church by other construction done in the area, namely from the Dock Street Theatre, which underwent a multi-million dollar renovation, completed in 2010. While work has been going on for quite some time now, a major change just took place. The color of the exterior stucco, which as most of you will remember, used to be white, has been reverted back to its original pale pink.