18 March 2013

Your personal shopper - me!

Charleston, S.C.
Clicking around the blogosphere, I realize I have been slacking off on blogging duties. There is a general tradition of displaying wares for readers to buy. I don't take pictures of myself trying on new outfits in fitting rooms, displaying my feet in new shoes or raving about purses or nail polish colors.

Have no fear! I found a fresh exciting sale that no one else is promoting. Who knew that tombstones went on sale for Easter and Mother's Day? Tell them I sent you.

No promotional blog give-a ways to commenters. Sorry about that. Maybe next year after they get a rush of sales from my promotion.


  1. but can you get me one with a gargoyle?

  2. I didn't see too much fancy work at this place. Can I interest you in a nice statue missing a head? I bet I could get you a discount on it.

  3. How bizarre is this??

    1. It cracks me up! I have no problem with planning your funeral but I never thought of tombstones as seasonal :)

  4. So who knocks off their mom on Mother's Day? I guess it could just be a coincidence, but.... ;)


  5. I'll granite there's no gifts for those of us who comment.
    Your words are carved in stone.

  6. Hi, Joan,

    We are missing Charleston and I love that I can count on you to give me a quick fix! BTW - did you know that Walmart online sells caskets? And they offer free in-store pickup! Such a deal! So now we have it all covered - the casket and the tombstones. Have a good one!

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