19 March 2013

Charleston view

Charleston, S.C.
We get so excited about views overlooking the peninsula because we have so few high rise buildings in Charleston. Isn't this glorious?

I hosted a career evening for students interested in Emergency Medical Services this evening at Roper Hospital. Besides the normal skills, ambulance ride etc. I had a special treat up my sleeve. I couldn't tell the students about it since I wasn't sure we could pull it off but we did. I took forty kids up to the roof of Roper Hospital and let them check out the helicopter and talk to the pilot and flight staff. I am not sure who was more excited - them or me!

I need to get to bed, kids. Late night tonight and long day tomorrow. G'night. 


  1. That's awesome Joan. You are such a living angel.

  2. I can understand the excitement! Florida is so flat, it's a treat to be anywhere with a view. Your photo of Charleston is wonderful from there...and the coolness factor of the helicopter, no wonder the students love you!

  3. Very cool! You rock.

  4. Beautiful place you call home! :)


  5. WHOA! That is so cool!!


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